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Colloidals: 10% off 3 of each of the colloidal formulas (Silver, Extra Strength Silver, Copper & Zinc, Silver & Copper, Magnesium, Magnesium Titanium & Gold, and Copper Zinc & Gold)

Powders: 10% off 3 of each of the powdered formulas (Eye Care, Urinary Care, Probitoc Plus, Gut Balance, Vet Refresh, Olive Leaf, Outdoor Shield, Digestive, Calming Aid, Joint Care, Weight Control, DE Plus, Environmental Aid and Rehoming Aid)

DE: 10% off 3 of each of the Diatomaceous Earth sizes (275g shaker, 300g, 600g, 1.8kg)

3 Each:15% off 3 of every product

6 Each: 20% off 6 of every product