Outdoor Shield (Formerly Flea and Tick Prevention)

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Ingredients: Quassia Bark, Neem Leaf, Spirulina, Garlic Powder

Deters fleas and ticks by making the blood poisonous as well as bad smelling to insects. Works similarly to common flea and tick products however the traditional medications are pesticides, meaning they are poisonous to everyone where as the ingredients we use are insecticides, meaning they are only poisonous to insects.
In low risk areas we recommend giving it to your pets for a week every other month. In high risk areas we recommend one week every month. We also recommend doing 10 days for high metabolism pets like puppies/kittens. There is no harm in giving extra as it is not poisonous to mammals, however the blood stream can only absorb so much. 

For more information on flea and tick control please read our blog post Options for Flea and Tick Treatments or our Youtube video:

Also see our Youtube video using bravecto as an example of the risks associated with pesticide based products:

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    Outdoor Shield is my new go-to!

    Posted by Brittany Kairos on 2021 Sep 22nd

    I was looking for a natural solution for flea and tick care since the collars I used left bald spots on my dogs neck and I always prefer to go without chemicals where I can. I was recommended this from someone related to a vet in Canada. I have been using for about 6+ months now and am happy to report that this product is actually working for us! I have this item shipped to US and don't even mind paying extra for shipping because it is worth it! My two big dogs don't mind eating it, but my little dog does- I think it might overpower his food taste... I give it to him mixed with a little water to make a paste and just rub it on his tongue instead. It requires a bit more attention than just dabbing a solution on them or strapping on a collar- but only for one week every other month. To me, it is well worth it knowing that they are getting a healthy alternative for flea and tick preventative care. Highly recommend to anyone. Please always make this product!

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    Posted by Vanessa L on 2021 Aug 8th

    I tried this for the first time this summer, started in April and still using ot until October. One order is enough for the whole season April to October. It works very well my dog and I are always in the forest or in fields and she had only one tick in April but it was dead when I noticed so it works!!! I recommend that natural product!!

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    Outdoor shield

    Posted by Christina on 2021 Jul 30th

    Have used this product for 2 years now. Never had a flea or tick on my dog. Great product.